Dreaming of financing your Custom Built Home in Oklahoma?

Have your custom built home designed and built by the industries best residential custom home builder in your Oklahoma neighborhood!


Finding the right lender is your first step.  You will want to know just how much of a house you are qualified to construct prior to making any commitments with your builder.  Also, keep in mind that you have to budget as much as 20% for cost overruns.

Some potential lenders in Edmond Ok, who can help you finance any Oklahoma property, can be located here – http://www.oklahomamortgagebankersassociation.com/

However, you may want to read the article found here: http://www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-lazarus9apr09-column.html before you shop for a loan.  If you are disciplined with your finances, the accelerated loan paydown approach that utilizes a HELOC will shave many years off the life of your mortgage.

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Choosing The Right Builder For Your Home Construction Project

Building a new home on a fresh piece of land is one of the most coveted dreams of landowners. It is indeed a very expensive endeavor, and when someone decides to get it done- it’s probably after a very long wait. Given that it is imperative to hire a builder or construction agency that can provide you with a strong construction foundation and help you achieve your dreams.

Hiring a home builder for custom built houses Edmond Oklahoma is like sharing your dream project with someone else and expecting them to make it a reality for you. A right residential home builder will ensure a stress free and pleasant home. Let’s take a look at some consideration that you must keep in mind when selecting a construction company.

Find Good Home Builders

This is the first and the foremost step to find good home builders for custom built. Do a quick online search and find a list of companies or independent builders with 4 star ratings. Make a list of the ones that operate in your area. Since most reputed builders have their own website, it is easy to find customer testimonials and feedback posted by real people who have had already used the services of these builders. Alternatively, you can also check out review sites like Yelp to get some genuine feedback on the same. Mark down the ones with maximum negative comments. If you don’t find any, follow up with best five ones on the list. You may also seek recommendations from your friends and relatives, especially those who have had recently got their home custom built or at least renovated by using professional services.

Once you have the shortlisted names, seek as much information as you can about their experience, charges, previous projects and customer satisfaction rate.

Referrals From Builder’s Association

While looking for custom home builders in Oklahoma City OKC, you should also contact local builders associations and related authorities. Most professional builders are members of such organizations. Therefore, by contacting builders associations, you will be able to find appropriate information regarding professional custom built houses Edmond Oklahoma builders. Ask for a few references so that you can compare them with your list and make an informed choice.

Financial Stability

It is important to note that the custom home builder you choose to hire for your project is also financially stable. Financial stability plays a vital role important if you are totally relying on your builder. Most customers face a lot of problems, primarily delays when their builders run out of money. You should check the public filings of your builder, which will give you good information

about his earnings in the last few years. Moreover, a financially stable custom residential builder parade of home will make sure that you are not being bugged for money too often.

Check Credentials

Make sure you do a thorough research on the information on the experience, establishment and qualification of the builders. The company or the person should have atleast 5-7 years of experience in this field. You can track down the reputation of the builder Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating and make sure not many complaints registered in his name. It is imperative to seek information on establishment, the experience, and qualification of builders you’re considering for the project. These are a certain credentials that you must look for making any deal. These include:

● The builder must have relevant degree in the respective field. He should have detailed knowledge of construction materials.

● An ideal construction company should have a minimum of five years of experience in the same field.

● It is important to conduct an extensive background check and look for past records. Has the builder been able to accomplish his past project successfully?

● The chosen company must have the license to work in the particular state.

● The company must have a permanent office set up to ensure legitimacy.

● Rapport with other suppliers and financial institutions can be taken into consideration.

Ask the builder to take you to his current sites and show you some of his previously completed projects as well. Ask his previous clients about their experience with the builder during and after the construction phase. Alternatively, you can also look for the testimonials and examples of their home building work as well as feedback of people on the Internet who have already used his services. Simply type name of the company or home builder and look for reviews/scams/testimonials on the web. This small search will help you a lot in making a final decision.


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